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Q. What materials are used in your antenna?
A. The baseplate and center post are made of aluminium. Our baseplate features a custom size center pipe that allows it to be mounted to the most common size masts without requiring the purchase of a new flange in the future if you decide to change mast size. The spreaders are fibreglass. The wire is 14ga 168 strand wire rope by Davis RF. The support cords are kevlar/dacron rope. All bolts and nuts are stainless steel.

Q. How high does the antenna need to be?
A. As with most antennas higher is usually better but they will work as low as 6-8 feet. Click here for a picture of one of our customers that lives in Beaumont, CA in a neighbourhood with one of those pesky HOAs.

Q. Do I need a balun with your antenna?
A. Yes a 1:1 balun is required.

Q. What type of rotor do I need?
A. The Yaesu 450 is a common rotor that is used. Any of the Hy-Gain rotors will also work and there are many people using the small Radio shack type rotors.
G-450A Light Duty - 360 DG 10 SQ. FT.

Q. Where should I mount my rotor?
A. Where you mount depends on your particular situation and desire. Some people use a push up mast and mount the rotor a few feet from the ground while others mount it at at the top.

Q. What size mast to I need?
A. Our custom pipe on the baseplate allows you to use either 1" or 1.5" schedule 40 pipe as a mast with no shimming required. If you have a 2" mast a short piece of 1.5" schedule 40 pipe works well as a shim.

How much wind can the antenna handle.
A. Here is a video from one of our customers (K7LNP) reporting 40 mph sustained winds with Gusts to 60 mph.

Q. Why your antenna instead of one of the other manufacturers?
A. While there are other manufacturers out there we feel our adaptation of the hexagonal beam is superior because of our custom center pipe, spreader arm mounting system, and beefed up mounting hardware. Even with all of these quality improvements our antenna is still over $150 less than our competitors.

Q. What if I have questions after I buy your antenna?
A. Most of our customers have their antennas assembled and on the air in less than two hours without any assistance outside the included instructions and the assembly video. If however you have questions that are not covered by the instrucions or video or just want to get in touch with us to let us know how much you like the antenna just give us a call at 850-329-8783.

Q. My tower / mast fell over in a storm and now I have high SWR across all the bands. What happenend to my antenna?
A. In every case I can recall of this happening the issue ended up being a faulty feed line. I recommend cutting off the PL259 on the end connecting to the antenna and attaching a new connector.

Q. Everything was fine and then all of a sudden I have high SWR across all bands and testing shows a short between the center pin and shield of my feed line. What happened ro my antenna
A. Just like the previous question every time someone has contacted me with these symptoms it has been a feed line issue Make sure that your feedline will rotate freely with your antenna and not get pinched or drug across something sharp.